WARNING! Taking This Pill Can Cause Thrombosis, Heart Attacks And Brittle Bones!


Everybody is trying to treat themselves when suffering from a cold, the flu, migraine or muscle pain, but no one is aware of the effects self-healing can bring. Taking a pill isn’t that innocent as lots of people think– it can in fact trigger many health problems. Omeprazole is one of the most commonly taken pills. It functions as a gastric protector, but consuming it without consulting a medical professional first can have unforeseen consequences. Therefore, it’s important to continue reading the short article in order to learn what omeprazole can do to your health.


Before understanding the dangerous consequences of taking omeprazole on your hand, you should know that the pill stops the production of stomach acid in the body, which is necessary for proper food digestion. Taking omeprazole for an extended period can conceal the symptoms of cancer, may trigger psychological problems as well as a vitamin B12 deficiency in the body which can lead to anemia, fatigue, memory problems and depression.

Besides this, omeprazole can also cause breathing problems and reduce the production of acids in the body, leaving your system more prone to lung infections and damage to the respiratory system. Omeprazole also reduces calcium absorption, which can make your bones brittle and more fragile.

As you can see, the pill can be very dangerous and may cause various illness. We are not advised it not to take it, but make sure to talk to a physician first.

Source: naturalhealingmagazine.net
Other Sources Included: healthline.com

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