WARNING! This Drink Can Be Very Harmful For Your Bones!


According to the statistics the Americans are very keen on drinking soda. A very large quantity of soft drinks is consumed each day in America, given in number that is 25% of all of the drinks that are sold there in total. In 2000, the researches showed that 15 billion gallons of soda were sold in America, or a 12-ounce for each citizen in a day, no matter their age.
However, you can find a lot of information on the internet about the negative effects from this beverage. Below we present you some of them in order to become aware of the consequences that may occur if you don’t pay attention.


Cola soda contains caffeine and phosphoric acid. The Framingham Osteoporosis Study, which was checking the bone mineral density of 1413 women and 1125 men in 2006, discovered that if you regularly use Cola it will cause you a decrease of BMD in the hips, that is for the women, because they are keener to bone loss than the males. A lot of studies show that the reason for this is the extra amount of phosphorous, which stops the absorption of calcium. However, many experts deny that phosphoric acid in cola is responsible for the loss of calcium in the bones. Then, according to some other studies the consumption of 330 mg of caffeine, that is four cups of coffee can be responsible for bone loss. They believe that the caffeine prevents the absorption of calcium and provokes the loss of calcium through urine. That is why people with osteoporosis should avoid consuming soda, or other diseases that make it hard for the calcium to be absorbed, for example Crohn’s illness, especially the people that are over 5o years old.


The cans of soda are often being blamed for causing our obesity. It is believed that one can of sugar-laden soda will cause you an extra pound of weight gain each month. It is not recommended even to change and use the diet soda as well because it is full of artificial sweeteners that may cause you some hormonal and physiologic problems which can lead to obesity.


Too much soda can be harmful for the liver because it increases the risk of cirrhosis, which is the thing that happens with the chronic alcoholics.


The soft drinks can be harmful for our teeth as well because they can damage the tooth enamel. Due to the chemical composition of the soda, the damage can be bigger even than the one from sugars added to sweets.


The soda is full with phosphoric acid, famous which effects our urinary system. This can lead to the appearance of kidney stones. The chance for kidney stones is increased for 15% by consuming 12-ounce cans.


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