The 10 Best SLEEPING POSITIONS To Keep You Healthy!


Everyone wants to have a good night sleep, don’t they? Sadly, there are a lot of warnings when it comes to sleeping, like for instance back issues as a consequence of inappropriate sleep positions. All in all, everyone requires sleep, therefore the maximization of the benefits and the minimization of the damages that particular positions could cause is of great importance. Below we have provided you with a list of the best and worst sleeping positions.

#1. Sleeping on the back
Sleeping on your back offers a neutral spinal position without exerting force on the back. This is the sleeping position that is usually recommended by physicians due as it can help maintain the health of the spine and neck and spine. If you do not want to get up with a strained neck anymore, this is the ideal position for you.

#2. Sleeping on the side
People who suffer from continuous snoring or sleep apnea may favor from this sleep position. It enables the alignment of the spine, while at the same time it prevent pains in the back. The problem with this sleep position is that there is a possibility that it can trigger the appearance of wrinkles on the face, thus possibly leading to saggy breasts (as a consequence of your body being pressed to the mattress).

For this reason, this position isn’t suggested for the entire night. People who have the habit of sleeping on the side likewise suffer from arm numbness due to the fact that only one side of their body is being pressed.

#3. Sleeping on the stomach
Sleeping on the stomach is definitely not suggested. This position can lead to a considerable amount of pressure being applied on your back (the lumbar spine in particular). It can likewise cause “pins and needles” in your legs and arms, which appear due to the pressure it is applied to the muscles and joints. Breathing is likewise restricted due to the fact that your neck is likewise being strained.

#4. Fetal Position
This position has gotten its name from the position that babies take while they are in their fetal stages inside the womb of the mother. Unfortunately, when you are an adult this is not a position that is going to benefit you much. This is due to the fact that it can trigger a plethora of the neck and back problem, and restrict your breathing as well. The sleep quality is impeded as a result of the restricted breathing.

Psychologists are likewise convinced that people who have the habit of sleeping in the fetal position are more inclined to stressing about their lives compared to other people.

#5. Pillow cuddling
If you wish to get more rest, but don’t want to have pains in your spine, the pillow cuddling position has shown to be efficient. People who have the habit of sleeping on their stomach should place a pillow under their hips so that they alleviate some of the stress that is applied on the joints. Pillow cuddling represents more a supplementation to other sleep positions than it is a position of its own.

#6. Arms up while sleeping on the back
This position, which is likewise known as the “starfish,” is thought to be an incredible choice when it comes to back health. Having your arms up can help prevent the appearance of snoring, facial wrinkles, and even heartburn.

However, this position has a flaw and that is that you may experience shoulder pains as a consequence of the position they are put in. Extra pillows (No. 5) can be of help in this situation.

#7. Couples sleeping on the edges of the bed, who face far from each other
This position is described as the “pre-divorce” position, however there is nothing to worry about as this is not exactly true. This issue turns into a problem if there is a lot of distance between the partners and a lack of contact throughout the night. About 90 percent of couples who have the habit of sleeping in this position are in happy and loving relationships.

#8. Spooning
Spooning is regarded as a good position for relieving stress, however the disadvantage is that it can cause pains and aches. Psychologists discovered that physical contact, even when sleeping, can cause reduced stress levels in both partners. The problem is that because you are in a bit of an awkward position, you might end up feeling aches.

#9. Couples who face towards each other
Sleeping face-to-face enables a greater deal of contact compared to the back-to-back position, and that is the reason why this position is generally more practiced compared to number 7. It enables eye contact, easy cuddling, and is regarded more intimate sleep position due to the fact that cuddling is quite simple.

#10. Back-to-back, without contact
This an advanced version of position number 7 and it is not a good version. About 55 percent of partners have the habit of sleeping back-to-back, however, they still keep some type of contact or closeness, even though they are facing opposite directions.

In this specific position, there is most certainly no contact to be had. The back-to-back position is regarded as a sign of relationship problems, however it should be taken with a pinch of salt. In certain cases, all that the couples want is to have a good night’s sleep after a tiring day, therefore it could mean nothing in particular.


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