10 Signs Showing That You’re Dealing With A Liar!


Everybody lies once in a while, including you. You may do that to hide something you have done, to feel accepted, or simply to make someone feel better. Despite the reason, it’s ok as long as you do not make a habit out of lying.

But, you probably know someone that tends to lie all the time. Or, someone that you can’t be sure if s/he is telling the truth or not. That person may have perfected the skill of lying, but there are several body signs you can look for to figure out if s/he is lying.

Liars Avoids Eye Contact

Even the greatest liar usually feels a twinge of guilt (someplace deep down) which makes them feel uncomfortable. That makes them avoid too much eye contact as they believe connecting with you for too long will enable you to see the truth. So, the next time you see someone you’re speaking to is looking away from you, there’s a good chance he is hiding something.

Liars Act Nervous

The person who tries to hide something while talking would probably appear anxious and jittery. He may sweat, talk fast, pace back and forth, and blush. If that person is a bit more experienced in the art of lying, he might be calmer. Nevertheless, if you notice something’s not right, ask him few more questions one after another not giving him too much time to think of another lie. In such situation, the liar may crack under the pressure.

Liars Look Troubled

Quite often, liars seem like carrying a huge weight on their shoulders. This makes them more stressed than usually, so they don’t smile as much as others who live a happy and honest life. You can see it on their face.

Liars’ Story Doesn’t Add Up

When someone tells a story that doesn’t add up, it’s most likely because it’s been totally fabricated. This is because a liar does not have much time to come up with a legitimate story, so his fake details normally get sloppy, letting you see right through his lies.

Liars Change The Subject

No liar wants to go over his fake stories again and match the details. So, if you mention a few of his lies, he will feel uncomfortable and uncertain and will try to alter the subject instantly. It’ll be too much pressure for him.

Liars Get Defensive

If someone too much defensive when you start questioning him, it means he is hiding something from you. A person who speaks the truth can give logical explanation to everything, whereas a liar starts showing signs of anger. These include balling his fists or crossing his arms– indicators that he is upset his lie was not accepted without question.

Liars Keep Their Distance

People who lie often keep a lot of insecurity and pain in their minds. For that reason, they do not feel comfortable with human contact. Liars usually avoid handshakes or hugs, and try to keep an obvious physical distance from you. In this way, they protect themselves from being accidentally revealed.

Liars Ramble

Telling a lie usually requires more lies to stay covered up. So, if liars feel they might be revealed, they’ll create complex stories to try to convince you that their story is true. This makes them ramble, so the pieces and all the details from their stories don’t add up.

Liars Can’t Sit Still

People who have the habit of lying cannot sit still. They are fidgeting all the time to distract from the seriousness of the conversation. Also, they may tap their feet, play with their phone, hair, etc.

Liars Change Their Story

Telling a lot of lies to cover their stories causes difficulty to keep an eye on everything. So, when a liar tells a story for the second time, it’ll probably sound different. Even if he changes a small detail, it means the story was never true.

So, if you doubt someone is making up a story, just question about the details and you’ll catch him in his lie.

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