11 Important Reasons Why Children Under The Age Of 12 Should Not Use Handheld Devices!


The technology has become a huge part of our lives with the expansion of computers, mobile phones, and the Internet. Children today, cannot even imagine their life without mobile phones, iPads, and other portable gadgets.

As using benefits of the devices is incredible, their constant use by children can have a destructive effect on their development, growth, and well-being.

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We warn you about 11 reasons a child under 12 should not use a tablet, cell phone or other devices.

#1. May Increase Aggression

Your children are watching limitless type of media, as they have access to the Internet via their phone or tablet, so it is really difficult to control. Because of the exposure to violent media, video and online games, children are strongly associated to aggressive thoughts, behaviors, and actions, in addition to antisocial tendencies.

#2. Potential For Addiction

The neural pathway connected to drug addiction and behavioral disorders, such as gambling, are also associated with certain types of media. The possibility of your children to unlimited access to the social media, computer games, and Internet, via smartphone or tablet increases their child’s risk of developing these problems themselves.

#3. Learning Difficulties

Providing children with a smartphone or tablet causes them to be more easily distracted and develop an inability to pay attention in class. As the attention reduces it also lowers creativity, visual memory, and the ability to work efficiently and effectively or focus on a task.

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#4. Social Interactions And Anxiety

Increased dependence on technology is damaging the improvement of face-to-face social skills. Talking with others allows children to learn how to express themselves through body language, touch, tone, voice, and facial expression, and at the same time the best way to understand those indicators from other people.

Because of that, children are also not learning how to handle their issues, they have difficult conversations, often having the tendency to send a text message or e-mail instead of speaking with that person directly.

#5. Exposure To Radiation

A skull’s bone marrow of the child absorbs ten, while head two times greater capacity to absorb radiation, than an adult’s. For now, is known that the cell phone radiation increases the risk of developing brain tumors and cancer. There are numerous studies that have treated wireless radiation and its effects on brain development in children recently, and lots of results are still not completely defined.

#6. Boost Risk Of Obesity

According to a number of studies just recently conducted, there is a strong connection between technology use and increased BMI in children and teenagers. The main factor for this phenomenon is because of the great number of hours that children spend working on technology and their inactive lifestyle. It is also known that the children who spend most of their time using electronic devices tend to snack more, so they are consuming more calories.

#7. Poor Sleep

Instead of the needed 8.5-10 hours of sleeping each night, most of the children are getting less than 7.5 hours. Actually, using cell phone and screens in the few hours leading up to bedtime, directly interferes the sleep quantity and quality.

#8. Mental Health

The everyday exposure of the children to media with the suggestive messages telling them how to believe, look, feel or act makes a number of implications for their psychological health. Here are a few of these constant connections with the children’s mental health:

  • Cyber bullying
  • Sexual pressure
  • Facebook depression
  • Targeted advertising

#9. Decreases Health

The studies reveal that the children who are exposed to technology like cell phones and tablets are more prone to have physical ailments, as well as emotional and psychological troubles. They more often get ill, have depression, physical pains, social and learning disabilities.

#10. Poor Posture

Spending many hours on their devices triggers deterioration of their posture. They are at high risk to face certain musculoskeletal disorders. Nevertheless, more studies need to be done on the long-term effects of “cell phone posture” in children.

#11. Eye Strain

Using the screens of different devices causes digital eye strain in both adults and children, and puts them at certain risk for damaging their vision. Furthermore, it triggers some other symptoms, such as headaches, aching eyes or blurred vision.

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