25 Etiquette Rules That Every Person Should Know!


The respected habits that we are supposed to have are known as good manners. However, many people don’t follow them and consider them to be unreal and only respected from the elitists.
Actually, these principles are very easy. They include politeness, proper speech, urban and tidy appearance and controlled emotions as well.  We present you with a list of 25 of this rules that every person should follow and respect. Read them below:

1. When you ask a person out, you are supposed to pay the bill. But this is only valid if you used the sentence “I’ll take you out on a dinner”. Otherwise, if you wonder, wish. Or suggest going to some place or a restaurant everyone should pay for their own orders.

2. If you want to go at someone’s home you should always call first and prepare them for your visit. Avoid appearing on the door surprisingly because they may be relaxing in their pajamas and find that impropriate.

3. You should never put your phone on the table when you go out with some person. If you do this, that means that the phone is more important to you than being there with that person and implies the feeling that you are bored, especially if you are scrolling the news feed on Facebook in the middle of a conversation. It is very disrespectful gesture.

4. Don’t sent text message or make any calls if you are on a date with a girl.

5. The men can offer to take the coat of a lady and then leave it in a cloakroom, but they should never offer to carry her bag.

6. If you are with some person doing something,for example walking somewhere, and you meet someone you don’t know but the other person does and stops to say hello, they you should be polite and say hello too.

7. The most of the people consider that the only way o consuming sushi is by using chopsticks. However, the men can also eat it only by using their hands, but not the women.

8. Your shoes should be clean always.

9. Don’t make empty conversations with your friends on phone. If you want to hang out, go and meet them.

10. If somehow someone makes you angry, don’t shout or offend them back. It is advisable to smile and leave politely.

11. The man that has good manners should walk on the left side of their female friend, except the military men, because they use their right hand to salute.

12. If you a car driver you should be careful not to splash the pedestrians with water.

13. You should keep 9 things in secret: wealth, age, family quarrels, affairs, medical concerns, honor, gifts and disgrace.

14. If you go to the cinema or theater, when you are moving to get to your sit, walk facing the ones that are already sitting.

15. The women should not be touched unless they allow that, that means that the men should not hold their hand or touch them while talking to them.

16. If someone tries to get your attention with primitive statements like for example “Hey, you there”, then you should ignore them.

17. Don’t put too much perfume.

18. Always show respect to a lady as a polite man.

19. You are allowed to smoke in front of a lady only if she agrees.

20. No matter your profession, when you enter in a room you should always greet everyone and show respect.

21. There should always be a privacy of correspondence, even the parents should not read the letters of their children nor the couples their mails or texts.

22. It is very important to have your own style, but do not wear everything only because it is considered to be trendy. You may end up looking funny instead.

23. If you make something wrong and then apologize, and the apology is accepted from the other person, they make sure you don’t make the same thing again in the future.

24. It is impolite to talk or laugh very loud, and also to stare at other people.

25. It is important to say thank you to someone that has helped you with something. It is nice for them to know that you respect that.

This etiquette rules are made in order to make our world a nicer place for living. They are not hard at all, you just need a little patience and time to get used to them.

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