It Seems That Farting In Front Of Your Partner It’s Not Such A Bad Thing! It Will Only Strengthen Your Relationship!


This is definitely a topic that no one wants to talk about, and therefore is never addressed properly. No matter the relationship, when does that barrier that makes you feel uncomfortable to let out your stomach gasses in front of your partner going to go?

Apparently, farting is something near to intimacy and not something you may do in front of everyone. There are people who have been together for many years and still have hard time doing it in front of their partner and family.

People in relationships feel the pressure to be the best in front of their partners so they avoid doing things that humanize them a bit. This is the issue with farting also.

Farting is unpleasant, it releases an odd noise that grabs people’s attention, and you just do not want to be that person who lets one out in the air and have everyone staring at you. It’s normal to feel the need to avoid doing it, however you also need to relax.

Farting in front of your partner is entirely normal and not going to change definitely anything about the way your relationship is. In fact, it might even make it stronger, having your partner know that you’re 100% around them.

So next time you seem like you’re going to fart in front of your partner, simply relax. Do it, have a laugh about it and move on. Who knows, your partner may not even notice it that you did something. This is due to the fact that a process that’s as natural as farting actually doesn’t need any attention.

It is very much in our psyche to want to present ourselves in a way that makes us look perfect. This counts especially in front of people who are our love interests. But, once again, nature is nothing to be embarrassed of. It’s what connects us and makes us feel human.

Feel no shame next time and have a nice talk about it with your partner about this topic. Maybe they feel the same.

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