According To Research, We Are Born 7 Times In This World! Find Out Which One You Are On Based On Its Characteristics?


Often, people complain that they were born in the wrong age, or in the wrong country. Why does this happen? There are numerous explanations, and many people believe that we live on this planet more than once, and the tricky part is that often we have no memories of our previous lives, just some lingering, indefinite aftertaste.

What if we tell you that according to this research, there are seven lives you are bound to live on this planet, would you want to know which one you are living today? Then you have an amazing chance to find out. Read through these seven descriptions and find the one that is the near your way of living right now and that will be it!

#1. Baby

You are just a baby to this world, this is certainly your first time being in this world. There is no surprise why everything seems so hard and challenging for you, you know nothing, and life is hard on you, but you should not give in to despair, it will get better next time!

#2. Student

This one is more interesting. This is your second birth. You are surprised by everything and everyone around you. Whatever you do, you do to understand the world around you better. You spend almost all of your time trying to discover something new, to understand the world deeper. This is a phase that prepares you for something greater ahead.

#3. Adventurer

Now, that you know what you can expect from life it is time to explore. But this time you wish to explore the world around you, new places are like magnets for you, staying in one place is certainly not for you. A lot to see, to experience and so little time… Nonetheless, this is a really exciting phase, your third life.

#4. Fan

Your forth life means that you have already learned and explored everything you had to and now it is time to settle down, and search for your true love. If you constantly think about finding that a one true love– this is it, the forth life. For sure, you will succeed, and once you find your soulmate it will be forever!

#5. Taker

This is the life that will bring you success and popularity, and you know that. Everything you do, you know how it is going to work and you expect it to bring your recognition any day now. If you feel that way– great, in case not, do not worry, this is simple one of the previous stages.

#6. Giver

This is the time you return the favor. Your sixth life is totally devoted to helping others, but you love it more than anything. So, if you find yourself thinking about the others more than you think about yourself, then this is it– 6th time you being here!

#7. Transcendence

Seventh life is the last one, but you are no worried by it, all that you want is some higher understanding that awaits you someplace beyond. If anything that happens around you makes no sense to you and you think that this is completely insignificant– you are ready for the great beyond!

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