According To Science, Bald Men Are Stronger And More Confident!


The American Hair Loss Association estimates that roughly 2/3 of men lose their hair by the time they turn thirty-five. Additionally, 85% of them will experience great loss of hair by age fifty. What’s more, early balding around the age of twenty or twenty-two may lead to depression.

However, a recent scientific study has revealed that bald men are more masculine compared to those that have a full head of hair. Bald men are far more dominant and more powerful. Maybe balding is not such a big deal after all.

Also, bald guys are considered to be stronger, more dominant and more masculine. According to the study, bald men need to embrace it by shaving their hair off. They should embrace baldness by shaving their heads instead of hiding hair loss. It is a fact that a shaved head grows stubble at the same rate as well as in the same way as a shaved face. Men should not try to hide their baldness, wear a toupee, or comb over.

Over time, many people have started accepting shaved heads. In general, women view men with a shaved head as more confident.

Furthermore, men that start losing their hair are often advised to totally shave it off– once they see it. In case you have the same issue, it may be hard for you to accept baldness as you aren’t used to see yourself without hair. However, as soon as you accept it, you’ll be definitely more confident.

Often, when you have a conversation with women, they may pay attention to your hair. However, with a shaved head, they’ll look at your eyes. You may establish a rapport more quickly with this eye contact.

That’s not all, in case you have no problem walking around with a shaved head, it means that you’re comfortable and confident with yourself. It goes without saying that many women also love it.

Therefore, in case you’re balding or bald already, you should love who you are as there’re many that love it, as well.

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