According To Scientists, People Annoyed By Other People’s Loud Chewing Are Smarter And More Creative Than Others!


You might have a member of the family or a good friend that wants to chew their food horribly loud. Even if you tell them that it bothers you, they do not understand it. Furthermore, even if the noises these people make while enjoying their food are not even that loud, you cannot stand it.

Also, it isn’t just chewing. Whether you are annoyed by chewing, slurping, or babies crying, you may be a genius. Scientists found that people that are usually more annoyed by the sounds around them are more intelligent compared with others.

That’s why you need to not stress in case you’re more upset compared to other people when hearing strange sounds. If you aren’t able to focus on what you’re doing, it might mean that you’re more creative, also.


Certainly, there’s a name for this: being irritated by sounds like chewing is known as misophonia. In addition, researchers found that almost twenty percent of people suffer from this condition that makes them extremely attentive to certain noises such as people slurping, chewing, etc.

Moreover, they hear sounds that eighty percent of people might not even notice. It makes them irritable when they hear certain sounds that the remaining eighty percent of the world does not even notice.

As we have already pointed out, in case you suffer from misophonia, which means you are annoyed and irritated by certain sounds like chewing, you may be smarter and more innovative compared to others.

Studies performed at Northwestern University showed that those struggling with this condition had a higher chance of being an innovative genius. They’re better at understanding things in addition to feeding their brain with more fodder to work overtime.

The problem is that these people often have a hard time when operating in a loud environment. Therefore, next time you are irritated by your slurping girlfriend or boyfriend, tell them about this.

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