Does Your Christmas Tree Have Bugs!?


When this time of the year comes, the euphoria and the Christmas spirit are increased with the colorful Christmas trees in each and every single house, market, mall, and stores.

We all love them, however if you think about getting a live one and gather around it to open the presents, we recommend you to think again.

Apparently, because the tree has been grown outdoors, it brings you visitors to the Christmas celebration!


Mites usually live on douglas-fir, white pine, Fraser fir, and spruce trees, and victimize pest and mite eggs. They are small and challenging to notice, with a light color. They become active once they are exposed to heat.

They are harmless, however if you see an old bird’s nest in your Christmas tree, remove it to prevent these parasites.


This insect has 6 legs, no wings, and measures one-eighth of an inch. As quickly as it enters your home on the tree, it mimics the conditions of springtime and activates their life cycle. The most common type is Cinara aphid, which lives in spruces, pines, balsam fir, Fraser fir, and white fir trees.


Spiders are safe too, however many people find them scary. Yet, they control the bug population of the tree under control. A lot of spiders die off right after being introduced to the indoors.

To keep insects at bay, especially over the holidays, you should carefully inspect the branches and trunk of the tree, in order to check for noticeable egg sacs or other problems.

When you buy A Christmas tree, leave it in the garage for a day to give the bugs time to leave it. Then, spray some neem oil on it to destroy the ones who have stayed. Avoid using pesticides, as they are combustible.

Nevertheless, having a fake tree can be as festive, and is your best choice if you want to make sure that your tree is bug-free.

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