Don’t Throw Away Those Old Egg Cartons! 10 Creative Ways To Use Them!


It’s a common habit that old egg cartons end up in the trash can. Why would not they? If you aren’t putting them for recycling, you probably think that they have no other use. However, you couldn’t be more wrong since egg cartons can be used in a number of ways around your house. These are some of them:

#1. Grow seedling in egg cartons

To start with, the small cups in egg cartons are perfect for little seedlings. You can also separate the compartments in the egg box and plant herbs or other plants.

#2. Store your fragile things

Put your fragile items in the egg box and protect them from getting damaged.

#3. Toolbox

If you do not have a toolbox, you can easily use an egg box. Here, you can sort out your nuts and bolts along with screws and nails. If you like sewing, the egg box is comes in handy for storing your buttons, sequins, beads, threads etc.

#4. Jewelry

As you can already see, egg cartons make the ideal storage place for little items. You can also use them to keep your earrings, beads and other jewelry. Or, keep your office supplies in.

#5. Christmas ornament storage


This is an amazing trick to keep your Christmas decorations intact. Christmas tree globes fit in perfectly.

#6. Make DIY fire starters

Use old egg boxes to make your own fire starters. Just, add some wax and dryer lint in and, you’re done.

#7. Children’s paint palette

This is just another fantastic use for egg boxes. What you do is fill each compartment with a different paint and keep your children busy!

#8. Ice holder

If the egg box is made of plastic, use it as an ice holder.

#9. Give them to your friends that keep chickens

A great way to re-use old egg cartons is to give them to your friends who raise chickens.

#10. Gift basket

Turn your egg box into an incredible gift basket. Fill it in with chocolate eggs then decorate with a bow. An excellent gift for your friends, right?

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