Here’s Why You Should Not Marry A Man With These Habits!


Marrying someone is one of the greatest and important choices a woman needs to make in her life. The person you choose will be the one you need to get up next to, eat next to, breathe, and simply live for the rest of your life.

No one should make this choice lightly, since you never know with whom you will wind up if you do not know that person very good.

If you aren’t careful enough, someone might fool you with their beauty, charm and nice words and you will end up with the wrong person.

These are the 7 habits you should pay attention to the most:

#1. Someone who just can’t completely trust you

This person will always be suspicions of what are you doing when you are not together. They will second think all your choices and question all your life decisions. This behaviour can only mean that they do not trust you and do not understand you. And without trust, no relationship has a happy end.

#2. He does not like children

Not liking children indicates an absence of passion for life and empathy. Only people who take themselves very serious don’t like children. And how can you have a child with somebody who does not like one?

#3. He is not keeping his word

If he does not show up when he says that he will and rather he spends hours drinking with friends, there is a reason for you to stress. Promises clearly do not mean anything to this person and with absence of interaction you just cannot develop a solid relationship.

#4. He is not listening what you are saying

When you go to him with a problem that you need help with, he does not listen or take note. If he believes that his problems matter more than yours, then this person will never give you the attention you need. A great relationship needs understanding, helping and paying attention to each other, and if you do not have this then perhaps it is time to leave.

#5. Always competing with you

He never confesses that he is wrong, and he is constantly fighting. Winning with this type of person is practically impossible. This person has the need to be above you and not your equal. And what is a relationship without supporting, cherisher and growing up together?

#6. He always flirts with other women

If you constantly catch him texting with other women or even chatting with women when you are around he will probably end up unfaithful on you. If he is truly in love and committed to you he would not be doing that, and his attention would be yours.

#7. He is clingy

This sort of person will always check where you are and with whom you are. He will constantly ask all your attention and time. Even though it is good to feel loved and needed there is also a limit that should not be crossed.

This type of relationship ends up being manipulative, controlling and restrained, who wants to live like that?

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