HORRIBLE!! The Meat Industry Uses Huge Mutant Cows For Beef Production!


The animal you see in the picture is not a mythical creature! You might be shocked, however it’s a real bull that exists on some farms. It’s called a Belgian blue bull.
These well-muscle monsters are known for their huge size and exceptionally muscled frame.
Farmers have used selective breeding to isolate a mutated gene which supports such a stature.

Double Muscling

The reason they are so big is the mutation they carry called “double muscling.” The meat industry developed a way to omit the gene that controls the muscle growth for increased profit. In this way, their cows grow larger which means more meat.

As it seems, the main purpose of every industry nowadays is increasing the quantity over quality. Consequently, the health and morality have taken a backseat.
Experts see the double muscling as an entirely inhumane treatment of animals. They reach an enormous size that makes their life uncomfortable. Also, these cows have really difficult pregnancies so they need to undergo C-section.

Also, their calves can have bigger tongues or other abnormality which won’t enable them to nurse. More issues consist of bone, joint, and cardio-respiratory concerns as well as early death.

However, Belgian blue bulls are not the only ones which suffer. They receive drugs which increase their growth and help them survive in the miserable living conditions. When some of them fall ill, the farmer does not bring a veterinarian but continue to give them human-grade prescription antibiotics in even higher doses. In this way, farmers keep their cattle alive long enough to get it to the slaughterhouse.

Cattle Need Your Help

You don’t have to turn a blind eye to the terrible reality of the today’s meat industry just because you cannot bare seeing or hearing such painful things. Instead, you can choose not to support it.
Try to find which farms use antibiotics and selective breeding and don’t buy their items. Avoid giving your money to places that don’t deserve it.

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