What Your Lips Are Saying About Your Personality!


If you stand in front of a mirror, and take a look at your profile, you can most easily learn which one of your lips sticks out more. You can likewise try asking a friend or a relative for help. However, this solely refers to natural lips, as if you have silicon in your upper lip, which is going to make it seem larger, it isn’t going to be realistic.

In case you notice that it is more or less apparent that your upper lip is more protruding, then it means that you are honest and sincere. You don’t like it when people lie to you, and that is the reason why you never lie to people that are dear to you, but you likewise don’t expect that someone would lie to you. That is the reason why you are likewise a little bit naïve as you believe in everything that people tell you.

A lot of people might be of the opinion that you are foolish due to this, but they won’t understand what your brain is capable to do. People like you have an incredible heart. You always make yourself available for your good friends and people in need. You enjoy living life, and you might be living like every day is your last.

You have no regrets, you don’t even regret the mistakes you have made because you are aware that these are lessons that life is teaching you, and you need to go through all of them in order to become a much better person. Many people are envious of your smile as you are always smiling. Nevertheless, you likewise attract a lot of positive people, and that is the reason why you are surrounded by many such people.

In case your lower lip sticks out… In case you notice that your lower lip is obviously larger compared to your upper one, then you are quite observant. You are extremely quiet frequently and you like studying the thoughts and reactions of the people in your surroundings.

You are the definition of a mind-reader type of person. You can always guess the next thing that a person is going to do, simply by observing their reactions. All you have to do is keep studying them for some time. You have an extremely sharp mind, which makes you an incredible choice to work with people, particularly a job that requires persuasion and talking, for instance a business manager.

You are likewise an amazing writer. You have the ability to speak in a clear and eloquent manner. People just freeze when you start talking, and that is the reason why you can likewise choose composing. Your words are going to reach numerous people worldwide, particularly if you are telling them some quite meaningful things. You likewise have an observant and remarkable memory, therefore you can remember even the most insignificant situations.

You may at times feel a bit lonely. You like surrounding yourself with books, experiences, facts, rather than with people. Try being a little bit more positive in certain situations and just let go as not everything in the world is a conspiracy.

Life is supposed to be fun at times, even for thinkers. Try finding ways to stop thinking and just enjoy the small things in life that bring you joy and happiness!

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