NBC NEWS: By The End Of 2017 All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant!


According to NBC, until 2017 the American population will be tagged with microchips. These chips will permit identifying of the person instantly. They claim that this innovation will address the concern: “Am I who I say I am?”
Some people are worried that the federal government will be too powerful with this RFID Microchip. They will have the ability to monitor every move we make. In Virginia and some other states, the legislation against this is currently in process. NBC likewise claims that RFID Brain Chip has been made and is currently being tested on human subjects.
It was mentioned that the use of Micro-Chip in Bill H.R. 4872 can be discovered on Page 1014 under “National Medical Device Registry” and it tells about a “Class II Device That Is Implantable”.
This chip enables them to monitor our motion. Your money and food can be also managed with these chips. Some professionals state that this chip can kill the person.
The HR 3962 Bill is an authentic copy of the HR 3200 bill with just a several words sidelined in regard to the RFID Microchip but the ability to chip every person in the U.S. is still possible. Take a look at the bill and read pages 1501 through 1510, read Class II special controls guidance for FDA stuff read and see for yourself…



Source: myhealthylifevision.net

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  1. That chip has nothing to do with health, it has everything with the book os Revelation in the bible, that everyone will have the sign of the so called the beast,which is lucifer. I’m glad tha Mzantsi are rejecting it .

  2. this is the nark of breast of what bible stated to us. plz reject .it. and pray that God should reveal this clip in realm of spirit for u. be wise

  3. If it was so, why has it not worked in dogs and cats…many that have chips are not sent home. Liberal quacks still trying to scare people!

    • That’s false, God gave the world to Satan to deceive as many people as he can, it’s up to ourselves to prove to god that he is our God the alpha and omega and that we love him and we will resist the devils deception. It says in the bible people will have the mark of the beast on there forhead or there right hand.
      REVELATIONS 13:17

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