New Innovation That Can Help People Find Out If Someone Has “Roofied” Their Drink!


The concept of using “roofies” to incapacitate a person is all too common in modern society and this powerful European drug is illegal in the United States. As you may have guessed, this has not stopped many scofflaws from finding the drug and using it for highly nefarious purposes.

As a result, this drug has become closely associated with sexual assaults and men have been known to secretly put the substance in people’s drinks in a disgusting attempt to weaken their defenses so that they can take advantage from them in a prone state.

Four young men finally decided that enough was enough and they have actually come up with a brilliant invention that will allow every person to remain safe, without alerting potential offenders while doing so. This invention is certainly a major step forward when it comes to everyone’s safety.

They have actually developed a brand new form of nail polish for women to use that will help them when it comes to staying safe in public places. What all women should do when they fear that their drink has been drugged is just dip their fingertip into the drink and wait to see if the nail polish changes color.

While this polish has yet to be released for mass consumption, the manufacturers of this product are keeping interested observers totally up to date by providing progress reports on their website, along with their Facebook and Instagram. These efforts will also include a transparent type of the nail polish that can also be used by men.

This innovation is long overdue and if you appreciate all the hard work that these men have put in to make sure that women and men are able to stay safe and enjoy a drink without worry, be sure to pass this remarkable story along to your friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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