Palmistry: What Does The Letter X On Your Palm Means!?


We are not talking about Palmistry or any other superstitious technique originating from India. In this article we are going to talk about an ancient technique that the Greeks and Egyptians used to predict a person’s future.

Actually, the last known historic record of this method is stated during the Great Alexander’s period when the royal advisers have made the suggestion that the Great Alexander is going to be the best leader in the era as he had two clearly inscriber letter Xs on both of his palms.

The STI University in Moscow, Russia published their most recent research paper entitled “X palm secret and Spirit Science formula” that included over two million people worldwide in order to understand the connection between the letter X and the destiny of the participants.

It was shown in the paper that the persons who had the letter X inscribed on both of their palms were the most remarkable persons they discovered among two million subjects, including Abraham Lincoln and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

People who have the letter X inscribed on both of their hands are the strongest persons and they always have the best destiny, which never needs planning. Even though some people may plan for success throughout the entire day, persons with Xs on their palms don’t need a plan to succeed.

It is only a matter of time for them. It is a matter of time until their destiny naturally shapes into a one-of-a-kind energy cycle that makes the person “the greatest among the rest” prior to their death.

These lucky persons are special persons with whom you have to be extremely careful because they have the ability to sense you from far away. They are doubly aware of everything and no one can fool them in away.

People with “X” inscribed on both of their palms cannot be lied to and betrayed because their destiny is very shaped and strong in such a manner that the liar or the betrayer is never going to be successful in doing so.

Persons who have the Letter X inscribed on their palms are likewise physically extremely strong. Even though they might not seem as the strongest constantly, they are at least susceptible to communicable deceases, a study shows.

They can make changes in their life in in no time, as well as make a change in the life of someone else.

Letter “X” Prophetic Qualities

  • Extremely Successful
  • Smartest of all
  • Remarkable leaders
  • Persons who are never going to be forgotten following their death


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