Read This Powerful Message From Steven Hawking For Anyone With Depression!


One of the greatest mind ever is Stephen. He is known for his work in theoretical physics. He is born on January 8, 1942, (300 years after the death of Galileo) in Oxford, England.  He studied natural science at Cambridge but then when he was only 21 years old he started to have signs of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). The medical experts gave him only 2 and a half years to live.

However, now he is 74 years old, and he continues to teach, research and give the world amazing messages. His expectations were lowered to zero having that ASL, so now he considers everything as a reward.
He didn’t let that condition to stop him, he went on studying and now has twelve honorary degrees. He is researching about the universe, the Big Bang, creation and scientific theories. He is bounded on a wheelchair and is not able to move or speak. However he is influencing the word and sends important messages. He says:
“Remember to always look up at the stars and not down look down at your feet. Never quit from anything. Your life would be empty if you don’t have a work that will give you significance and purpose. Also, if you are from the lucky ones that will find love, remember not to throw it away.”

On one recent lecture at the Royal Institute in London, Hawking compared the black holes to the depression, explaining that they are both impossible to escape. “My message for the black holes is that they are not that black as they are believed. You cannot be trapped inside forever because the things can go outside from the black hole potentially to another universe. So, if some is feeling like he is in a black hole, he should not give up because there is a way out of there”- explains Hawking.

He was also asked about his disabilities. His saying was: “Every victim should have the right to end his life, if he wants that. However, according to me that is a big mistake. When there is life, there is hope.”  Read more from his message about the disabilities:

“It is not your fault if you are a disabled person, however you should also not blame the world for that and expect to take pity on you. You should have a positive thinking and also reconcile with the circumstances that you are in; if one person is handicapped, he cannot think that he is psychologically handicapped as well. I think that you have to focus on the activities in which your disability won’t represent you a severe handicap. I will say here that I don’t find interested in the Olympic Games for the disabled but that is only because I never liked sports. Then, in comparison the science is a wonderful area for the people with handicap because it is the work of the mind.
To be precise, in my area, which is theoretical physics, my disabilities are not a substantial handicap. Furthermore, they have actually helped me because they protected me from lecturing and administrative work that otherwise I would have to do. I succeeded because of the enormous help from my wife, kids, associates and students. I think that in general some people are very ready to help, however they need encouragement in order to feel that their efforts to help will be worth and do well as you can.”

Stephen Hawking is nor encouraging the scientific minds to take note, but then he is motivating the rest of us to take notice that there is a link between the stars and each one of us. His mind is not spotted from his disabilities.
His child, Lucy, also talked a little at the lecture saying, “His enviable desire is to keep going. He has a ability to point out all his reserves, his energy, his psychological focus to that idea of keeping to go on. However, he do not want to only keep going in order to survive, he wants to produce remarkable work and write books, give lectures, and also motivate other people with disabilities.”


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