This X-Ray Of A Woman Who Ate Raw Pork Will Convince You To Become A Vegetarian


For those people who consume meat, there is absolutely nothing more tasty than pork, specifically at breakfast time. You understand … bacon, sausage, more bacon, that sort of thing. While pork and pork items can be tasty, they can likewise be fatal if you do not prepare them effectively.

This is the x-ray of a female in China whose body is now filled with parasitic worms and cysts as a result of consuming raw pork for several years.


In case you’re questioning, a healthy brain needs to not have any dots like those appearing on the scan.

The official name for her condition is Cysticercosis, which is brought on by a tapeworm called Taenia solium.


This is the monster’s terrible face. Say hello!


These buggers live inside the muscles of pigs. When human beings consume the tainted meat, they jump ship and reside in our digestion systems as tapeworms.

And if your individual health is less than ideal, the eggs can jump from your feces to your hands. From there, they can contaminate all various parts of the body.


While pork tapeworms aren’t a huge concern here in the United States, it’s never ever a bad concept to completely prepare your pork prior to consuming it.


That is entirely frightening. Still … it’s going to take a lot more than that making me quit bacon. It’s actually the very best food ever.

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