Your Toes Can Say A Lot About Your Personality! Here’s What You Should Know!


China and India are known for practicing food reading for over 5000 years. According to them are feet are actually a mirror for the rest of our body.
If people have lumps, calluses or pain in the feet, that means that they have a problem in some other place of the body. For instance, the arches are connected with the spine, meaning that a fallen arch is indicating a problem with the back. Furthermore, it is believed that our mind and body are connected and that the physical problems can be caused from the personality.

Are they right?
According to Jane Sheehan, who is a reflexologist, our feet are showing everything about the people, starting from the digestion system function and even the state of their relationships. Just a look on your feet can reveal if you are a wild and adventurous person, or a person that wants stability, order and consistency in life.
Read below to find out what your feet are telling about you:

They believe that those who have a longer toe in comparison to the others is smart and innovative. They always have a clever smart for their issues. They are seeing the things from different perspectives, however they may experience problems with the focusing and also do not see projects through.
Furthermore, if you have a small toe that means that you can do many things at the same time. You are an effective person and have charm that can have an effect to other people.

It is considered that those who have a long second toe are qualitative leaders. Their personality is dynamic and imaginative, but they can also be bossy. Then, having a smaller second toe means that you want harmony in your life.

If your third toe is long, that means that you are an energetic and innovative person, especially at work. They are looking for perfection and have determination and energy which can help them in achieving a lot of things in their life. However, because of this they can often forget about having fun, love and having a family.
Furthermore, those having a short third toe experience the pleasure in life. They are the opposite of the ones above.

People that have long and  straight fourth toe find their family very important to them. However, if this toe is curled, that means that the relationship with the love ones is miserable.
They are very good at listening and caring for other people, however they fell unhappy with their family. Also, they find it difficult to stay away from the problems of other people. They need to stop worrying about other people’s problems and relax more. Then, people withshort fourth toe find their relationship or family not that important and usually focus on something else.

The people which have habits that remind as of a child usually have small little toes. They are avoiding their like obligations and usually get easily bored. So that is why they are always looking for fun. However, those people include fun, easy-going and witty characteristics.
Then, the person that is able to wiggle thelittle toe separately from the fourth toe is believed to be spontaneous, adventurous and captivating, while those who can’t include characteristics like routine, predictability and loyalty.

If your toes are in a line, meaning that every toeis longer than the one before, that means that you are methodical, precise and useful. You are always finishing the things that you start, you are a hard working person at your job and also a wonderful friend.

These people have solid worker feet and are always on the go. When they are busy they are happy, however they need to make time to include peace in their lives.

It is believe that these people like to be spoiled and don’t do the hard work if there is someone else that can do that. Furthermore, their aesthetic sense is really strong and they want to have beauty around them. They will have an amazing home, no matter the money they ear.

The people that have high arches are believed to be independent and self-dependent. They need a time for themselves and that is why sometimes they are tough to be anti-social.
Then, on the contrary, those with low or average arches want to have company and are very sociable.

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