VAPEN CLEAR—The World’s First Marihuana Inhaler!


Marijuana users who want to spare their lungs from smoking now have a brand-new way to administer their meds: puffers.
Vapen held a soft launch of the inhaler, called Vapen Clear, at Herbal Health Center in Arizona at the end of August. They look like any other inhaler on the market and carry a remarkably high dose: each cannister will administer up to 100 puffs, with 10 mg in each puff.

Rick Adams sells the equipment used to make the inhalers. He explains that metered dose inhalers have been used in the medical community for a long time, however using them for marijuana administration is a new idea.

Adams feels they have a good chance of replacing vape pens, which are increasingly controlled by the FDA, mostly due to that they don’t require heat to work.
“The measured dose inhaler does not use heat to vaporize the MMJ oil,” Adams explain, “rather it uses a propellant to atomize the oil so it can be deposited in the lungs.”

The inhaler isn’t widely advertised or available yet. Currently, it’s available just at Herbal Health Centre. It’s Wellness wholesale through the centre, however will be available in dispensaries across Arizona in coming weeks.




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