Woman’s Sleeping Position Can Reveal A Lot About Her! Here’s What!


All of us have a favorite sleeping position, the one that helps us fall asleep easily and feel comfy. However, did you know that there is a strong connection between a women’s sleeping position and her character? Your sleeping practices and positions can say a lot about your personality. The following sleep positions indicate specific personality traits in addition to understanding underlying stresses we may be dealing with.

Back Sleepers (Board/Soldier Sleep Position)
If a woman sleeps on her back with the arms near the bodies and down to the side, it suggests that the woman is quiet, reserved, and takes herself very seriously and structured. Nevertheless, this sleep position can cause issues with snoring, which can reduce the overall quality of sleep. In general, this position is believed to be the best for pain prevention.

Fetal Position
If a woman sleeps on the side with knees pulled towards the chest, it shows that she is shy, sensitive, and worries too much. This is probably the most common sleeping position among women. The fetal position also shows that the woman tends to over-think a problem and has a tough exterior. Additionally, she is warm, diligent, and organized.

Stomach Sleepers (Freefall Sleep Position)
If a woman sleeps on her stomach with hands tucked underneath or around her pillow, it means that she is bold, secretly nervous and over-sensitive to criticism. Besides that, this sleep position can increase back and neck pain, a hard mattress is essential. Additionally, to prevent back and neck pain, a very thin and soft pillow must be used.

The Hugger
A woman who sleeps hugging a pillow is a woman who values the bonds in her life. These ladies tend to be people-pleasers, trustworthy, trusted, loyal, and probably too open with others.

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